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A rainy Sunday afternoon

Today started out sunny, then what happened?  It is pouring down rain and after church we went to the mall for lunch as it was the only place I could think of that had covered parking.  Then home to try again to work on my blog and my patterns that must be published in something called a PDF.  I had an indepth converstion with the hubby this morning and tried to explain to him why my brain just doesn’t work like his.  Why can one program designed to create PDF’s not do the same things that all the PDF creating programs can do?  And why can’t we have one comprehensive one that does it all (what ever that is) and save us all this wondering?  I shall now take a picture of my latest project and publish it right here to this blog.  That seems like something I could figure out.  Then back to the PDF thing?!

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Am I Old or What?

I today, have planned to set up this knitting blog if it may kill me, and it may!  Actually, my friend Lisa is helping and that should be a BIG help.  Except for the 4 year old that wants her attention and the door bell ringing and Oh yeah….the phone ringing 5 times and did I mention that she has to keep turning the TV down?  Cracks me up how so many people think staying at home is all eating bon-bons.  Instead she’ll finish peeling the left over Easter eggs and we’ll stop to  have an egg salad sandwich.  Now she is a wonderful cook and I may actually give you the recipe if you continue to read.

I am supposed to let you know about my latest knitting projects.  I will supply you with everything I know and that won’t take long.  I am finishing this adorable sweater for grandchild number 6.  Winston.  Did I mention that he is really cute?  Anyway, it is the springiest light blue and green with a tiny strip of white.  I will take a picture and post soon.  (Have to locate my camera)

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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